Speaking, Keynotes and Breakout Sessions

Service Information

As a professional organizer and speaker, Mary guides audiences for an entertaining and supportive trek through getting work and personal space in order. In her seminars, she creates a fun and interactive atmosphere with a specific call-to-action. Mary engages and motivates her audiences and then follows through with teaching the tools that create better time managers, goal-setters and achievers. Mary shares specific tips and techniques to help participants become more physically and mentally organized immediately.

Prior to presenting to your group, Mary researches your company or industry to identify current issues and specific challenges and then she develops a targeted topic outline with appropriate content for the audience. Seminars and workshops can be followed up with one-on-one sessions addressing detailed on-site needs to help participants maximize value and organize their time and environment so they can focus on their highest payoff activities.

Sample Topics

Title Description
Simplifying Life It all starts in your head!
Get Organized How to take back six weeks a year and create thousands of dollars.
Dealing with F.A.T. Paper, file and desktop management
Work S.M.A.R.T. How to get more organized to lead a balanced life.
Entrepreneur 101 How to set up a home office and set boundaries for family, space and time.
Networking A time management tool for leveraging your time to the highest degree.
Peace of Mind Burning the place down won’t help; you need a mental garage sale.