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Did You Know?

  • Americans waste an estimated 9 million hours a day looking for misplaced items and information?
  • People in the 1920’s spent less time on housework than in the 1970’s?
  • Getting rid of excess clutter would eliminate 40 percent of housework in a typical home?
  • The average American spends 13 hours during the weekend to catch up on cleaning, shopping, bill paying, and maintenance?
  • Crisis purchases related to disorganization could cost as much as 20 percent of your annual budget? (late fees, rush fees, etc)
  • Americans rent more than 1 billion square feet of off-site storage space for our accumulated stuff?

Running a home is very similar to running a small business. You need tools, routines, detailed schedules, supplies, consistency, and order, to operate successfully. Moreover, having a “Home Office” where the household files, bill paying, and office supplies are kept, saves time and eliminates late fees assessed on misplaced bills.

Your home is your physical and emotional haven. It’s the place for you to unwind and rejuvenate. It should be welcoming and visually comforting. Within Reach helps you create an uncluttered environment where you know where everything is and you can feel comfortable with drop-in visitors.

Within Reach will:

  • Reorganize rooms and storage spaces — including garages!
  • Set up productive home offices and filing systems
  • Prepare a home for an Open House or sale
  • Organize for special events and parties
  • Organize a move
  • Unpack and arrange furnishings in a new home or assisted care facility
  • Offer functional furniture and space layout recommendations
  • Provide lasting solutions to finally get clutter under control