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As a solopreneur or home-based business, do you find:

  • You work more from your kitchen table than your “office”?
  • You get distracted by the dog, kids, doing laundry and cleaning the house when you wanted to be working on the business?
  • You suffer from overwhelm in setting up effective file and follow up systems?
  • You lose sales and opportunities because of lack of timely follow-thru?
  • You spend money on expos, advertising, brochures, networking etc without a clear understanding of the real costs or payback (ROI – return on investment both for money AND time)?
  • You accumulate piles of all the things you need to “decide” on? e.g. “I might need this info some day!”, “I don’t know if this is important”, “I don’t have time to deal with this now”?

Running a home-based business and working as a solopreneur is different! Time management skills and workflow/follow-up processes are critical for success. When you do not have strong, well thought out decision making criteria, it’s easy for piles to build, procrastination to set in and time to fly by unproductively.

I have a particular passion for working with home-based businesses and solopreneures! As a CERTIFIED professional organizer and time management expert with over a decade’s experience plus having earned an MBA while attaining 10 years of marketing research and sales training, I am uniquely qualified to work with you to help get you focused on and get motivated around your highest payoff activities long-term. If you are serious about improving your business’s bottom while maintaining a quality of life, call (616) 453-2976 now.