ADD/ADHD Focused Services

Service Information

ADD affects as much as ten percent of our population, but unlike other adult disorders, ADD can be reliably evaluated and effectively treated. Adults with ADD are very productive, well-adjusted individuals, but run the tendency to be chronically disorganized both at work and at home. Through extensive research and working with ADD clients, Mary understands the nature of ADD and how it impairs an individual’s capacity to develop, maintain, and organize daily life.

People with ADD can be easily distracted by something that piques their interest and all else gets pushed aside. With effective coaching, however, strategies and workable routines can be learned to keep on track- from the planning and organization stage to the follow-through and completion of projects.

Within Reach will:

  • Offer customized coaching services
  • Help you physically organize your things and environments
  • Identify methods for controlling impulse spending and consumption
  • Organize the flood of communication from the outside world
  • Propose time management solutions
  • Recommend a framework for organizing possessions
  • Help you de-clutter and simplify
  • Develop routines and systems to help an individual achieve success both personally and professionally