About Mary Dykstra

Mary Dykstra

Mary Dykstra, CPO®*, has been helping corporate, residential and entrepreneurial clients get organized since 1984 – and she can help you too! After earning her MBA, Mary worked as a marketing consultant and project manager for a number of years, making her particularly attuned to organizing and time management challenges. She continues to take a multi-disciplinary approach to ongoing research and development in a variety of areas that directly impact her clients. Mary’s training, education and two decades of experience have put her at the top of her game.

When Mary is not actively speaking, teaching or working one-on-one with her clients, she enjoys non-fiction reading, sailing, landscaping, traveling throughout the world and experiencing new foods and cultures. She has a keen sense of humor and enjoys engaging with people.

* Certified Professional Organizer – one of fewer than 500 in the country.

Personal Philosophy

As a professional organizer/coach, it is my obligation and passion to:

  • listen
  • ask insightful questions
  • listen again
  • offer potential solutions that are in alignment with how your brain is wired
  • deliver exceptional service
  • leave you empowered

It’s the subtle things that make the greatest impact. It’s not about you understanding the organizer’s system; it’s about the organizer understanding yours. It’s not about the organizer quizzing you, “when was the last time you used this?” I never use shame-based questions or embarrassment tactics to create action or change. I understand that the similarity between a good habit and a poor one is that they are both hard to break. I work with my clients to identify those ‘good habits’ and create routines and strategies that take them to the next level of making empowering, conscious-based choices.

Create positive change in your mind and environment now.

Tomorrow is coming ready or not; you CAN seize the day before it seizes you! When you are looking for a speaker, strategist, coach or a hands-on person who rolls up her sleeves and delves deep into the piles, know that I’ll take you to a new level where you will function with increased clarity of purpose, productivity and balance.

“You can’t do it all yourself. Don’t be afraid to rely on others to help you accomplish your goals.” – Oprah Winfrey