If You Had ‘Get Organized’ as a New Year’s Resolution, How is That Going?

As we enter Spring, this is a great time to see how you are doing on the resolutions you set coming into the year. If you find that you are not on track or are feeling overwhelmed, this check list may help you get back on track or help you realign your efforts.

Short list of setting up for success: If you find that you are struggling with your resolutions, make sure you chose no more than 3 things/areas to create or change behaviors around. Get a mentor, coach or accountability partner to help you create success in the new activity. For example, if you have had the resolution to get organized the last few years, but have been less than successful, get a certified professional organizer to help you set up a system and teach you the skills so you will be empowered long into the future.

When working alone, it is critical to set realistic goals and lay out your action plan to achieve these things over a set period of time. Make sure your plan has timelines, resources needed and bench marks so you can stay on course.  Celebrate small wins and build confidence through successful repetition. Invest in yourself now because the one thing you cannot replace is time.

Specific tips to getting better organized now:

  • Go through one area at a time.
  • Keep only what you use, love, and what you have to keep for tax and legal purposes.
  • Think about the language you use with yourself. If you keep saying that you are not good at organizing and have never gotten it right, you will find that you will have self-fulfilling prophesies.
  • Create a tactical plan of how you are going to donate, dump, shred, recycle, return and put away. Note: The first thing I do with all of my clients is to set up a strong foundation in decision making criteria. Creating a tactical plan is the 4th aspect in that critical foundation.
  • Be outcome focused and use a timer if you need to stay on track.

I have a particular passion for what I do and love helping my clients and audiences get empowered for the long term. I’ve had my own business for over a dozen years, am a Certified Professional Organizer and currently serve as President Elect of NAPO.net (the National Association of Professional Organizers). Over my many years in the business, I have learned the value of setting up ‘check points’ to stay on track with projects and goals. I hope these tips are useful to you. If you need help, call, I’m Within Reach.

Mary Dykstra MBA, CPO, CRTS

Owner, Within Reach Organizing Services LLC based out of West Michigan


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