I have collected these testimonials from the various relationships I have with a wide variety of clients.

Mary is a wonderful individual to work with. Talk about organized, she’s always ready to contribute whatever is necessary to help your projects facilitate smoothly to a professional and productive conclusion. She is extremely knowledgeable, creative and outgoing and has an undeniable talent for helping others see the big picture and achieve their goals and dreams.

– Kim Monaghan , Writer , Women’s Lifestyle Magazine

Mary is, indeed, a professional organizer. I hired Mary to help me create and implement a system for avoiding clutter and improving access to information and productivity tools. As a result of that engagement, I have since referred Mary to professional colleagues, clients and acquaintances. Like me, they have been thrilled with her expertise in customizing her approach to the discipline, needs and personality of her client. I recommend Mary highly to those who are interested in improving work flow, reducing stress, and improving productivity.

– Renwick Brutus

As owner of Songs From Your Soul, Jingle Gems and Theresa McClellan Enterprises, I knew I needed a professional organizer who would not be overwhelmed by my varied needs. Mary impresses me with her knowledge, skill, confidence and creativity as she helps me establish a viable home office that meshes with my multi-faceted businesses and ventures as I transition from a 28-year career outside the home.

– Theresa D. McClellan

Mary has a true gift for organizing. It is not about the space or container. She allows you to be yourself and understands with gentleness about your direction for moving forward. I would recommend Mary for any of my clients for a pre-listing, pre-staging, home organizing and life enhancing services Mary can offer! You will be FREE of the goblins or junk in the closets!

– Charlene Hammontree , Realtor , Property Works, Inc

Mary helped convert a life-long packrat’s office into a neat, orderly, and systematized space.

– Barbara Griffin

Mary provides coaching and advice that is sustainable and directly applicable to my own unique work needs and learning style. She moves mountains…of paper, and has helped me better manage my workflow, and work more effectively with my team. I recommend her highly.

– Tom Hanley

Mary took my chaotic records and helped me make sense out of them. To this day they are still organized and easy to access. Mary is kind, non-judgmental and she knows her stuff. I highly recommend her.

– Laurie Brown

I highly recommend the services and expertise of Mary. She spoke at a women’s business networking group to which I belong and we were all blown away by her knowledge and simple tactics for organization. She knows what she is doing!

– Kelly Emery , Owner , baby beloved, inc.

Mary Dykstra is not only passionate about Getting Organized and Time Management she has fun doing it. Most people and organziations have challenges being really organzied no matter if it is one or more employees or yourself with keeping a clean and organized desk, a system to keep things current or just being able to find what you want when you need it. Business Speakers Bureau has used Mary for our own needs and have had her speak for our clients as well. She is not imtimidating (although it can be embarrassing to have someone of her capabilities come to your unorganized area) and can actually help you have fun getting out from under the disorganization. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and get things done, Mary will have you on track in a very short time and help you/your organization identify goals and give you the tools to get to where you want to be and prosper beyond that. If you are interested in a fun and informative presentation to inspire your organization to be more organzied and accomplish more in less, Mary Dykstra is one you should have at your event. She will work with you to find out what your real needs and objectives are then build a presentation or full program to achieve it. As she says so well, Don’t just Think Out of the Box, GET Out of the Box. Mary Dykstra has our full support and recommendation

– David Pace , Owner , Business Speakers Bureau & Entertainment

My company’s partnership with Mary Dykstra and Within Reach opened my eyes to Mary’s professionalism and passion for the work she does. Our collaboration featured Mary’s expertise as a Certified Professional Organizer in major print and radio consumer media outlets that serve Western Michigan. This collaboration showcased her writing and public speaking skills in addition to her in-depth understanding of how to manage time, belongings and expectations in a personal or business setting. I learned a lot from my interactions with Mary, and her presence on the radio and in the newspaper enlightened thousands of West Michigan consumers as well.

– Sheri Stetson-Compton , Marketing Director , The Herald Company

The system only allows for three attributes, but really all of them apply to Mary. What I love is that she not only builds a system that works for you [versus some generic thing], and works with you in a manner that is comfortable for you, she teaches you skills, empowering you. She is patient, kind, warm and caring. And after what seems like we were chatting a bit, I realized we were done- how did that happen? Mary wants her clients to be satisfied, confident, and comfortable with the work we do with her. It is truly a partnership- my stuff and her knowledge. And together we go through deciding what to keep and what to let go, reducing stress and anxiety by removing clutter. I can’t recommend her enough! I am continuing to use her services, not because the work we’ve done needs re-doing, but because I have three offices and we’ve only done 2!

– Regina McClinton

Mary cares more about her clients’ total well-being than the state of their desks – and she’s more than qualified to organize their businesses or personal spaces

– Juliette Cowall , Consultant , Guided Communications

Mary presented Time Management & Organizing Survival Strategies to the Inforum, Women on the Move group. Mary is professional, down to earth and shared practical ways to manage our time and get organized. She engaged the audience and her ideas were well received. The presentation was light hearted yet effective. The participants, including myself, were eager to put her concepts into action. I highly recommend Mary as your ‘organizational’ coach. As Mary states, time waits for no one!

– Karen Bakale , Board Member , Literacy Center of West Michigan

Mary spoke to our Inforum Women on the Move group yesterday and it was the best way to launch into 2010! Her time management and organizing strategies were real and implementable! What made her presentation most powerful was that she took time to survey us – the audience – and understand our specific challenges. Mary is more than a lesson on how to manage your papers, in a very conversational manner she makes you think about what is important: what are my goals and what is the strategy to get where I want to go. Here’s to a focused 2010!

– Elsa Kerr , Board Chairperson , YWCA of West Central Michigan

I hired Mary to present a workshop at a conference I coordinated for the Association of Personal Historians. This was a last-minute change in our schedule because another presenter had to cancel just weeks before the conference. Mary stepped right up and was very easy to work with, especially given the short timeframe she had to work within. Her workshop, Clear the Clutter and Manage the Details, was fantastic and very highly rated on the evaluation forms. I definitely recommend her and wouldn’t hesitate to hire her for her organizing services or as a presenter

– John Morrison , Owner , MI-Stories.com

Mary is extremely professional and very interested in how to create a program that will bring you the most effective results. She’s very knowledgeable about her field and she’ll have your business and your life organized if you let her

– Jennifer Butler, LEED A.P.

I highly recommend Mary Dykstra of Within Reach! I needed help with organizing my office and my family as a way to save time. I’m a busy mom of three children and own my own business as an Arbonne Ind. Consultant Mary listened to me, made suggestions and then implemented an easy organizational system. She also helped me with marketing plans. I have saved a lot of time as a result. So contact Mary if you want to grow your business!

– Liz Manning Arbonne Ind. Constultant

I want you to know your guidance changed our lives – out business lives – our personal lives. It’s been just absolutely huge. And we will give you an incredible testimonial even at this point. Mary, we are very, very excited about your direction and guidance and your expertise. Many kudos to you girl!

– Jan Smith, Independent Business Owner

I feel that I got the most out of our time together… people spend 5 times as much going to seminars that won’t teach them half of what I learned listening to you. You have inspired me in so many ways. After I got home there were all sorts of ideas churning inside me about how I can utilize the information you kindly passed along.

– , Independent Business Owner

Mary saved me at least an hour a day by helping me organize my workspace and got me to think outside the box. Further, she helped me apply the concepts to other areas of my life. I am more in control of my environment and possess a clearer vision of my business and personal goals. I recommend Mary’s services. You don’t need to be in chaos to benefit from her expertise

– Christine Schaap, author and speaker

I have lived in chaos for 54 years. My desk was a nightmare; I could not find anything because I had saved EVERYTHING! I was totally out of control. By January of this year, the CHAOS in my life had reached crises proportion. My health, sanity, and employment were in jeopardy.

Over the past 35 years, I have spent more than $10,000 trying to ‘get organized.’ I have purchased self-help books, tapes, videos, and have attended seminars on organization and time management only to be buried under feelings of failure.

Mary Dykstra has given me back my life. We have worked together to not only organize but to form strategies and routines that help me achieve a high level of efficiency, confidence, control, and success. The changes in my life are profound. I have earned the respect of my peers and my employers. I went into my last quarterly review with confidence and pride in my accomplishments. In less than six months, my sales have increased 19 percent – I’m now an asset to myself as well as my company

– Pamela Hild, customer service professional

I challenge you to hire Mary Dykstra. Since hiring Mary, I have tripled my productivity. I continue to improve to the extent to which I organize naturally. My two assistants are still in shock and waiting for me to regress to my former behavior. Keeping my space looking attractive and being able to find notes and files has allowed me to increase my reading and planning time.

Mary has exceptional talent. I have tried other methods or trying to organize and they have not worked. Whatever it is that Mary does, works!

– Larry Dugan, business consultant, author and radio host

Mary…just wanted you to know that your talk possessed me. I uncontrollably have cleared out over 100 files that have been on my desk for months! Thanks for helping me unclutter my life!

– Rita VanderVen, Executive Director of Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women